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10 Weird Things You Don't Know About Me

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

You’ve seen it on social media everywhere….the posts that list random things about a

person or questionnaires about their personalities, life events, favorite things, the list goes on. They don’t tend to get a lot of likes and, I don’t understand why; I love them! I love to get to know random facts about people, strangers included. I will post a lot more of these in the future and please comment and join in with me so I can get to know my readers.

Here are 10 completely random things about me that you were probably better off not knowing about me but TMI is my middle name (random non-fact there):

1. I know how to freestyle rap and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it. Something you don’t come across too often is a 40 year old mom who likes rap music. ) If you are one too please comment and let me know! It’s good not to feel alone in the world!) Like ALL of it, the good, the bad, the booty bouncing, making it rain, diamonds shining, wheels spinning, tops dropping, cap busting, gang affiliated rap. All of it! I grew up in an era where it was an emerging genre and a pretty big deal. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all kinds of music and rap is just one of my many favorites. I don’t think you have to agree with something to enjoy it! I think it is my background in dancing and of all the music I listen to rap is what makes me want to move the most. Growing up with it, I also lived in a neighborhood where I was the only girl surrounded by high school guys so that is who I hung out with outside of school a lot. What else are you going to do with no car at that age? One of the things the guys liked to do was sit around and have rap battles. I really sucked at it for a while but I got better. Carrying that into my present life I would make up little rhymes and raps and sing them to my kids. I cleaned up my rap a lot to get things done around the house and entertain my kids at the same time. As they’ve gotten older they like to brag to their friends that their mom is a freestyle rapper and then try to make me perform for them. I’m pretty rusty but at least they get a good laugh out of it.

2. I had to testify in a murder trial once. Turns out, they guy who stabbed me on the bus when I was 15 ended up being expelled permanently from all schools in Texas and was given 10 years of probation. I don’t remember pressing charges or being involved in any way with his punishment so I am guessing the school was involved. He then moved in with his grandma in Arkansas, revoked his probation, did 5 years in jail, got out and presumably murdered someone over a drug deal gone badly at a pool hall. Crazy right?! I didn’t even know this guy, barely remembered him! I only met him that one time he decided to stab me on the school bus for politely asking him to stop spitting his Copenhagen on my new shoes! Then over a decade later I get subpoenaed to testify against him at his trial as a character witness. I learned the details from his mother (who was very kind to me by the way) after he was found guilty and the trial ended. Did I mention that while in jail the first time he became a member of the Arian Brotherhood gang. Talk about something I did not want to do! I felt like someone’s entire life changed because they met me! What if he blames me? What if he comes looking for me? Don’t worry, about me though…he is spending his life in jail now because of his poor decisions. I feel safe.

3. I am an excellent cook. No, I am not bragging. I have references and have been told this enough times that I now believe it! It is something I am proud of. It is something that I really love to do and I am a little obsessed with it. I don’t follow recipes because I don’t like being told what to do and like to try it my way. I love to cook healthy dishes, southern dishes, comfort food, ethnic food, gourmet, you name it and I’ll try to cook it at least once! I am also extremely territorial in my kitchen and don’t like people on my side of the island when I am cooking or hosting an event. I know it’s a little nut so I control it but it drives me nuts! Do any of you have weird kitchen habits?

4. I play video games on a regular basis. Again, this may not seem odd unless you are a 40 year old MOM. I never thought my habits were odd until I share stories about them with my friend and literally NO ONE can relate! I would love to meet other mom gamers who listen to rap! You really can have kids and behave like one (on occasion) too. I find it very fulfilling and it also is great training when needing to relate to your kids! One of my favorite games is Call of Duty. I have my own Playstation 4 and my children have a separate one. I keep my badly rated games locked away and play them on “Club Night” which you will learn about later if you follow my blog. It is basically the college version of mommy “me” time.

5. The only thing I am OCD about is organization. Do you love anyone that you think is just crazy? I love lots of women while at the same time thinking they are nuts because of their OCD traits. I don’t think mine is too odd. I am just crazy in other ways. Aren’t we all a little crazy? I just like things to have a place and to stay in their place when they aren’t being used. I mean, my entire house could be crumbling around me but as long as my hairbrush is in the correct bin in the correct drawer, I’m Gucci. ßThat’s “good” in mom talk. My kids say it and it sticks to my vocabulary. Again, I am trying to stay up with the times as part of my parenting strategy to relate to my children at all age levels. See my parenting section if you would like to pick up some of my tips or just judge me in general. Whatever you fancy.

6. If I was homeless, I would want to be homeless in New York City, NY. When visiting New York City for the first time this thought actually came to me. Hear me out…. I have a backup plan for EVERY.THING. Like plan A-Z for most life situations because it helps ease my anxieties. I think about some weird stuff, like if my life fell apart and I had no choice but to be a homeless person how New York would be the best place for me because when visiting there I discovered some things. A.) The Subway is a perfect shelter – Its where everyone runs to when it rains or snows, there are Buskers down there to keep you entertained, and transportation to anywhere in NYC. B.) There are people and food everywhere you look. This increases the chances that someone will reach out to help you.

C.) It is your best shot at the opportunity to overcome homelessness. You can try to get a job. Since transportation is plenty there and everything is easy to walk to you have a better chance of making some sort of income to help you turn your lemons into lemonade.

I have also visited Austin, TX and Las Vegas, NV where I noticed there were many homeless people as well but NYC is where I would try to get to in order to survive. I could be completely wrong. I will update this post if I ever find out and let you know how it works out. Maybe I will get lucky and someone will leave a laptop, smart phone, or tablet for me to post from! P.S. Please don’t take this as insincerity! I have the biggest heart for displaced humans and would do anything to help someone in need! Please let me know in the comments if you contribute to this cause and how you think they can best be served in your community!

7. I hate that cell phones exist. I think they are handy BUT I don’t like that people can reach me at any time they want and if they can’t they get offended or think I love them less because they think I am ignoring them. I’m not ignoring you! I just have needs that require my personality to be left alone for periods of time in solitude (which means silencing my phone for hours at a time) but I promise I am thinking about you in one of those limited and rare sessions! I also don’t like when I am around a group of people at home, in public or anywhere when I look around and more people are on their phone than interacting with each other. I am guilty too! I have fallen for that shiny, smart, handy, trendy, husband, child, and family and friend locator many times and I hate it! We survived without them. Did you know that Simon Cowell does not own a cell phone? That is when I knew he might be my illegitimate brother. Tell me the truth MOM!

8. Most people say I always have a look on my face that says I am up to something or being mischievous

. It’s true, I am up to something or thinking about something completely mischief driven most of the time. I will probably not fill you in on it or act on it because it will get one, if not both, of us in trouble and would probably result in good laughter.

9. I am the laziest determined and goal driven person I know. It’s a disease, really it is! I am ALWAYS working toward a goal or thinking about my next goal but at the same time fighting the HUGEST urge to not do anything but quit my job and be lazy, eat, stream videos, pin stuff on Pinterest, play on my iPad or play video games. There is a fire inside of me that doesn’t let me do that as much as I think about doing it and the determination wins 99% of the time. This is an internal struggle where, if I do ANY of those things, I feel completely guilty for indulging and taking time away from working on goals. It’s a struggle yall! I really wish I would give in and at least make it a 60/40 balance. I think what drives me the most is growing up and doing without things, having rough teenage years where I was displaced and not knowing where I would live next, not having a car to get around, a way to a job or college and being afraid to ever go back there again. I am determined to never go back there. ! I actually have a goal to enjoy doing those lazy things I think about doing without guilt!

10. Laughing is the #1 thing I like to do. I like to surround myself with people who make me laugh and people who laugh at me. I have a hard time understanding people that don’t laugh or cut up often. To the point that I will go out of my way to try and transform them into a laughing person and take any action necessary to do so. Even if it means it doesn’t work and I can laugh at my awful attempts later. I will at least turn it into something I can laugh at myself about later! Yes, I laugh at myself too. I think I’m funny and that is ok. If anyone tells you it is not okay to think of yourself as a funny person they are just fun shaming you and probably find it hard to crack a good joke or take a good joke.

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