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Digital Mombooking

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Young adulting can be hard. They are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their life, discovering all the reasons they made yours stressful and trying to make you proud by being independent and successful. One of the main things my kids asked a lot about when leaving the nest was ,” Mom, how did you cook that thing you used to make?” OR “ I miss your cooking.”

I came across a website one day called which is a digital scrapbooking website. I have always loved scrapbooking but ended up with a closet full of crafting stuff I never had the time to use! This allowed me to digitally scrapbook items on my own time and then save projects and come back to them later. I also use for all my printing and picture needs and noticed that they have digital scrapbook options too! I personally like the Shutterfly better but like to mix it up!

A light bulb went off one day when I was racking my brain trying to think of some sentimental but useful gifts to give my daughter going off to college and my son who recently got his first apartment with his fiancé, now wife. They were both asking me for food advice and ideas. They knew how to cook but it wasn’t like mom's home cooking. Then it hit me….A digital scrapbook cookbook for them both! Each tailored for their situations and tastes but full of pictures of me and them together and crafty recipes designed and put into my own words as if I was there in the kitchen yelling at them for licking the batter off the spoon too soon. Checkout the slideshows below for a preview of each of them in this article to inspire your own ideas!

I gathered all my pictures and thought long and hard about each of their favorite dishes and crafted and ordered a hardback master piece for them both. They absolutely loved it!

The one I made my daughter featured easy dorm room microwave friendly recipes and the one I made for my son was easy throw together recipes that would be quick, affordable and easy to follow but also things I knew he loved that I made when they visit. I also threw in a dash of my own personality and put some background stories (mostly made up) on the recipes in my own words.

I now use these websites to also do memorable scrapbooks for events and travel and gifts. I absolutely love it and you should give it a try! Go ahead, go soak it up!

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