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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I will be sitting in a group of my friend moms talking about Post Malone's latest song and everyone goes silent. They don't have a clue who I'm talking about. I've done a lot of thinking about why I'm the only mom listening to Post Malone and also enjoying it. Here's why: Listening to current music, staying current on social media apps, current fashion trends (to some extent), and trending topics helps me parent my children effectively. How? Well, I understand their lingo, I know when they are up to no good, and I understand them when they want to wear something that I wore 20 years ago that I think is now hideous. It helps me gauge when something is not age appropriate for them instead of blindly letting them get a SnapChat because "everyone else is doing it".

I'm not going to lie, it also makes me feel young and who doesn't like to hold on to every thread of their youth? I also have friends that are in their 20s and early 30s. I hang out with my kids and their friends. Maybe that makes me the "cool" mom but really I'm the undercover mom with really good kids because my kids really don't do a lot to get in trouble! I think I got lucky because all of my kids parents are cool too and have similar parenting styles so we don't have a problem communicating with each other about our children. I'm sure there are some moms out there looking down their noses at me and misinterpreting my intentions. I do the things I do because YES I want to feel young but also, in the process, I have learned that it has brought me closer to my kids and given me a better understanding of their world and how I can relate to it.

A great example was when I took my teenage daughter and her friends on her 16th birthday to a Drake concert in Austin, TX. Let me tell you, I was just as excited as they were! I knew all the words to all of his songs, which they were super impressed with.

They thought it was a little weird that on the way there I gave them all lessons on what to do at the concert in an active shooter situation and laughed when I told them their last line of defense was to charge the gunman. They thought I was joking but I had learned through the FBI training website that it is your last hope for survival and throws the gunman off his game for just a split second which may be long enough to save your life. I worry about some weird shit okay? I also Google a LOT of weird shit. I am just a curious and anxious person and like to be prepared! When we got to the concert about half way through we start to smell marajuana smoke all around us. They were shocked with it being their first concert. I wasn't shocked and had the perfect opportunity to educate them on drugs and concerts and how they are abundant at most of them but still ILLEGAL and dangerous. You would be surprised who listens to the cool mom.

Fast forward to college.... my daugher and her friends call me if they get in a pickle, they ask me for relationship advice and guess what .... they invite me to FUN events. We are going to the Austin City Limits Festival in just a few months to see Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Guns and Roses, RL Grime, and ASAP Rocky just to name a few. I can't wait to share and let you soak up the experience with us!

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